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Preventive Measures to Follow After Windshield Replacement

For any reason you find your windshield shattered. What are you supposed to do now? If the damage is beyond repair, you need to replace the windshield as soon as possible. Although your technician will guide you about the precautions you must take into account to watch out the newly installed windshield. If you have one of the cheap used cars you have to pay far more attention to save your windshield from potential cracking or chipping.

Here are a few tips to upkeep with windshield replacement!

How long adhesive takes to settle?
You should wait a little using your car again after windshield replacement job. The adhesive technician used while installation needs some time to settle down completely depending on the temperature and humidity in your living area. Most, quality adhesives require you to wait for at least one hour before using your car again. It may take a bit longer in case of special adhesives. Restricting to the time your technician mention you is the best way out.

When to remove the installation tape?
Be it a new car or you get one from a used car showroom, for every windshield replacement job is done you have to allow the seal enough time to dry. Usually, a tape is used as a mandatory part of this replacement job to keep the windshield in place. Do not remove it soon after installation. Let it sit for a day, at least so that the windshield seal won’t get affected by dirt, dust or rain.

Gently close the vehicle doors
It’s not only a preventive measure after replacing your windshield but also mandatory in normal conditions to avoid shattering your car’s original windshield. Slamming the doors produce sudden pressure inside the vehicle that may break the windshield. So, stay easy while using your car especially for a day post the repair job. Since sealant and molding are too vulnerable to collapse during the first 24 hours.

Hand wash your car for a few days
High-water pressure is used in professional car washing to remove the dirt and grime. It will ruin the windshield replacement job if the adhesives are not dried properly. So, avoid car wash for a day or two and hand wash it instead. Now, you might think driving in the storm will cause you the same trouble. Not true, since even heavy rains won’t cause the problem as high-pressure water jets can do for the newly installed windshield.

Lastly, you must go easy with your ride. Avoid driving on rough terrains. You can go off-road but it is highly recommended to stay low speed. Stay cautious with everything. Carefulness is the key. Keep the internal pressure of your vehicle under control which usually caused due to the heat of the sun in hot regions like Australia. Pro-tip is to buy a preowned vehicle from a reliable dealer of second hand cars in Brisbane, QLD, AustraliaStatewide Auto Group is the best service provider in the town.




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